Re-brand a much-loved roastery and then launch a new e-commerce site as well as implement a new comms strategy.

Neighbourhood Coffee are a Liverpool-based artisan coffee roastery supplying the very best beans to the very best people. We met them as they were ready to embark on a new chapter in their adventure: with a growing reputation for great coffee but minimal online sales, it was time for a boost. A big one. 

Although engaged to design and build a new e-commerce website, we initially looked at the brand: this is a company crammed full of personality and we felt that there was more opportunity to celebrate it than their current branding allowed. We developed a new, simpler, friendly logo and added the word ‘Roasters’ to the name – making it absolutely clear what the brand was about. A new brand manifesto, visual and editorial guidelines followed enabling a single-minded direction for the development of their new site.

The world of coffee is crowded and competitive, with lots of brands vying for attention - and so creating a site that harvests relevant and interested search traffic was a top imperative. So, too, was brand expression - there’s a deliciously tasty spiritedness to Neighbourhood’s coffee, one that’s reflected in the imaginative naming of the brews, and it was vital we wove that charm into the visual presentation.

Although popular in wholesale, the brand doesn’t currently sell direct to consumers outside the website and so the new site represents a crucial revenue stream. Using data from the previous website as well as best practice design and the brand’s unique character, we were able to optimise the path to purchase across the site garnering a six-fold increase in online orders. 

Long-term thinking drove a search-led content calendar – creating on-site (and social) content designed to harvest search traffic and position the brand as experts in their field (which, of course, they are). As such a personable brand, engagement is key – both for brand understanding and for loyalty.

500 %
Online sales increase
0 m
Ad reach
0 %
Increase in average order value

The Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters brand lends itself to quirky advertising and we create and run successful online traffic-driving campaigns promoting specific brews, collections and coffee-making accessories to targeted audiences online. This activity is underpinned by implementing a landing page strategy to capture hand-raising traffic and provide them with the content they need to make a purchase.

We have also re-designed the brand’s packaging - both product and delivery - to better evidence the human side of the brand which is an element that is often lauded in reviews.