Always Check The Label

Food labelling can be a minefield. Quite rightly, there is a lot of information required by law to be included on all food labels. If something is deliberately incorrectly labelled, this constitutes criminal fraud – whether a food safety threat or not. Even when not deliberate, it can have terrifyingly heart-breaking consequences: remember the tragic […]

How to start selling food & drink online

Food and drink ecommerce is an ever-growing market. In the UK, ecommerce now accounts for 7.2% of all food sales. According to Mintel’s Regina Haydon, speaking to Food Navigator, “Online grocery in Europe is growing fast as young consumers opt for the stress-free and time-saving convenience of online shopping. More and more retailers and speciality […]

Why is brand identity important for your food or drink business?

Brand, brand identity, logo, style guide, tone of voice – if you’re a new business, or even a more established one, these terms are bound to have popped up on your radar. You could be forgiven though, if you’re not sure whether they all mean the same thing. They’re often used interchangeably – and that’s […]

Which platforms should you be using for customer reviews?

It’s no exaggeration to say that positive online customer reviews are the holy grail for most food and drink businesses – whether you’re selling products online, you have a store or you run a restaurant or bar. According to BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, making them the single […]

9 must-read tips to increase your checkout conversion rate

Often when I come to look at a company’s Google Analytics, and contrary to what they believe, the problem with their sales isn’t attracting people to their website in the first place, it’s getting people to buy things they’re already interested in. Surely, you would think, if someone has put a product in their shopping […]

10 basic blogging tips every food business should know

Your blog can work really hard for your brand: It will help drive traffic to your site It will help to convert that traffic It will give you authority and reputation It might get quoted in some useful places It is great long-term thinking So what’s stopping you? 1. Write for your audience, not for […]

F&B on our TV (and elsewhere). A couple of the ads we’ve noticed so far this year

Some of the industry’s most creative thinking is expressed in food and drink advertising: alcohol kicks open doors in the imagination that are barely keyholes to most other products. Food – photographed well – creates a physical and mental desire that the very cutest line of copy could only wink at, and other drinks, you […]

How food and drinks businesses can discount without devaluing their brand

Some experts think offering discounts devalues a product and cheapens a brand. Others feel that discounts can ostracise certain audiences. Discounts can set a precedent with customers who may begin to always expect a discount, or who will only shop/eat/drink with you when prices are lower. They can also make customers question your everyday charging […]